Rarity & Value

Fancy colored diamonds are many times rarer and more valuable than colorless diamonds.  Natural green diamonds in particular are extremely rare, second only to natural red diamonds, making them exponentially valuable.

The value of natural green diamonds is typically based on rarity and not necessarily on beauty, making pure greens very highly valued, and combination greens more affordably priced.  There is one exception to this general rule which applies to green diamonds that contain blue as a secondary color – Bluish-Greens, Blue-Greens, Green-Blues, and Greenish-Blues are even rarer.  The happen stance conditions that must occur in order for a blue diamond to turn green is virtually impossible, and hence these diamonds are even more highly valued than pure greens.

Natural green diamonds continue to appreciate in value and set world record diamond prices.  Natural green stones in the intense and vivid color intensity ranges that are above ¾ ct in weight are priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In December 2009, a 2.52 ct. fancy vivid green cushion cut brilliant sold at auction for more than 3 million dollars or 1.2 million dollars per carat!

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Green Diamond Ring